26 Delicious + Healthy Summer Recipes

Summer grilling season is in full swing and if you’re anything like me, you want to hang out with your friends and eat delicious food in the sunshine as often as possible.

But maybe you also want that delicious food to be interesting and healthy and made from real ingredients. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite summer recipes so you can break out of that hot dog / hamburger / potato salad rut it’s so easy to fall into.

All delicious. All made with real food. Win-win.



Huli Huli Chicken Wings

[By The Domestic Man]

These Hawaiian-style wings are get their sticky sweetness from pineapple and would make a great addition to any summer meal.

Grilled Moroccan Chicken + Garlic Sauce

[By Perry's Plate]

Cumin, paprika, and chili flakes add amazing spice to this chicken and a topping of garlic sauce really takes it to the next level.


Grilled Green Chicken

[By Nom Nom Paleo]

I make this chicken at least once a week during the summer months. The marinade is bright, citrus-y, and full of fresh herbs, while the grill leaves the skin just the right amount of crispy.

Pineapple Chicken Kebabs

[By paleOMG]

These chicken kebabs are packed full of flavor from the the creamy, sweet, and spicy sauce that gets brushed on toward the end of grilling.


Green Goddess Turkey Burgers

[By The Iron You]

There’s nothing boring about these turkey burgers. 3 different herbs plus a couple secret ingredients make these a great option if you’re feeling burnt out on regular burgers.

Texas-Style Pork Ribs

[By Paleo Leap]

This is my go-to rib recipe without a doubt. The spice rub gives them a wonderfully crispy outer layer and the sauce is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.


Grilled Spare Ribs With Fig Orange Glaze

[By Jan's Sushi Bar]

If you’re interested in a non-traditional rib recipe, look no further. Figs and oranges are combined with honey, balsamic, and herbs to make an incredible glaze for these tasty ribs

Grilled Pork Chops With Stone Fruit Slaw

[By zenbelly]

A zesty slaw made from peaches, apricots, lime, and chile tops these perfectly grilled chops.


Chipotle Lime Grilled Pork Chops

[By A Healthy Life For Me]

These pork chops come out exceedingly juicy and tender after being tenderized by tangy lime juice.

Peachy Pork-A-Bobs

[By Nom Nom Paleo]

Sweet summer peaches are the star of this smoky, fruity dish. Jalapeño and red onion give it a kick and keep it from being overly sweet.


Herb-Crusted BBQ Leg of Lamb

[By Noshing With The Nolands]

This leg of lamb is smothered in herbs and then grilled to perfection leaving you with a wonderful crispy outside and a tender and juicy inside.

Lamb Kebabs

[By Stupid Easy Paleo]

Meat on a stick, cooked over an open flame - what more could you want? These kebabs are tenderized using sparkling water and then covered in garlic and herbs for a truly delicious kebab.


Tri-Tip With Chimichurri

[By The Domestic Man]

In this recipe, juicy steak is topped with a tangy green chimichurri sauce, which brings an amazing brightness and freshness to the dish.

The Perfect Burger

[By Stupid Easy Paleo]

The name pretty much says it all. This burger is the perfect balance of juicy, tender, and hearty, and will definitely be a hit topped with shoestring parsnip fries.


Spicy Beef Kebabs

[By My Heart Beets]

I’m a huge fan of meat paired with fruit and this recipe does it flawlessly. The way the sweetness and acidity of the pineapple cuts through the meaty richness of the beef is perfection!

Grilled Grouper With Orange + Olives

[By A Spicy Perspective]

This dish has everything you want in a summer meal. Less than 7 ingredients, incredibly easy to throw together, and big bold flavors from sweet oranges, onions, and salty olives.


Grilled Watermelon + Shrimp Skewers

[By MyRecipes]

I had never even considered grilling watermelon until I found this recipe, but now it’s one of my favorite ways to eat it. The grill adds a smoky, charred flavor to the watermelon that pairs perfectly with the shrimp in these delicious skewers.

Blackened Salmon With Mango Avocado Salsa

[By Against All Grain]

Mango and avocado are a match made in heaven in this bright salsa that tops a well-spiced piece of grilled salmon.




Grilled Romaine Salad

[By The Domestic Man]

This salad can be made entirely on the grill, perfect for those warm summer nights when you want to cook everything outside and not mess around in the kitchen.

Summer Vegetable "Ceviche"

[By Food & Wine]

One of my favorite vegetable sides of all time - the prep work is definitely worth it. The creamy avocado is a perfect match with the sweet nectarine and spicy jalapeño.


Peach + Fennel Slaw

[By Food & Wine]

This salad is the perfect mix of sweet and crunchy, with tarragon and parsley adding a wonderfully fresh note.

Grilled Broccoli With Chipotle-Lime Butter

[By Food & Wine]

Never tried grilling broccoli? You’ve been missing out! The grill gives it a wonderful char that’s balanced out by a sweet and tangy lime butter.


Jalapeño Cilantro Lime Potato Salad

[By paleOMG]

Mexican flavors add an unexpected twist to this potato salad that would go perfectly with any grilled protein at your next BBQ.

Grilled Kale Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

[By Serious Eats]

What better way to make salad delicious than to put bacon on it? Shallots and apple cider vinegar combine to make a tangy dressing that stands up well to the smoky bacon.


Coconut Lemongrass Raw Veggie Salad

[By Nutritionist In The Kitch]

This Thai-inspired salad is packed with refreshing flavor from ingredients like Thai basil, cilantro, ginger, and lemongrass.

Summer Greens With Mustardy Potatoes

[By Bon Appetit]

This warm side dish is what would happen if an egg salad and a potato salad had a delicious baby and added whole grain mustard. In other words, try it, it’s delightful.


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